Why Epoxy?

Does your floor collect dirt? Is your floor slippery, even when dry? Does your floor need protection from chemicals, cleaning detergents and/or other corrosive substances? Are you looking for a floor that will look as good as your business? Is your floor compliant with the local Health and Safety codes and regulations? Do you have cracks, uneven surfaces, deteriorated or damaged concrete? Are you in a wet, damp, cool or hot environment? Is your floor subject to hot wash down or other extreme temperature changes? Is there oil or grease present or will it be spilled onto the floor? Do you need a spill containment basin?

Why a polymer floor?

  • Floor and wall systems are USDA & FDA-approved
  • Sanitary cove or cant base
  • Will not support growth of fungus or bacteria.
  • Seamless surface

Safety first

  • Non-skid to prevent slips and falls
  • Safety striping to mark designated area’s
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)


  • Due to its smooth and often seamless appearance, it provides a ‘clean look’
  • It’s easy to maintain clean. Polymer floor and wall systems do not attract dirt and help prevent against mildew or mold
  • Cleaning will go quick because of its impervious (no cavities) & smooth finish

Return on Investment

  • Last up to 5 times longer than other flooring systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower total cost of ownership.


  • Almost completely odorless, VOC Compliant
  • Contributes to U.S.G.B.C. LEED Credits
  • Extends life of concrete
  • Use 50% less water to clean

Peace of mind

  • High impact, thermal shock, and wear resistance.
  • Moisture Vapor Tolerant Systems (MVT) available, will not lose bond due to moisture vapor
  • Chemical resistant sealers are available.
  • Repairs are easy and can be done without interruption

Aesthetically pleasing

  • Decorative colored quartz aggregate and colored chip (flake) options available.
  • Metallics or stains

There is no “1-size-fits-all”, various solutions to meet your needs

  • No compromise needed because of the wide varieties of materials, designs, advanced technology & installation methods currently available
  • Chemical, oil, fuels, UV, caustic, electrostatic & scratch resistant floor solutions available