About Us

Impact Floor Solutions, Inc. is a forward thinking company, focused solely on installing commercial, industrial and residential polymer floor and wall systems. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible polymer floor and wall systems for a competitive price & installed in a professional, predictable and pleasant manner.

Theo van de Sande of Impact Floor Solutions Theo van de Sande, Owner of Impact Floor Solutions, Inc.

Impact Floor Solutions, Inc. is a licensed, insured, bonded & certified installer. Our specialized equipment guarantees virtually no dust. The products we apply are VOC compliant, create no harmful odors and cure rapidly.

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Floor Solutions

Polymer systems are greener and more sustainable flooring solutions than other alternatives. This is for a number of reasons including the low amount of waste produced during installation and the long lasting properties of this flooring as well as the ability for polished concrete to improve indoor air quality by reducing or eliminating dust, mold, and mildew


We will provide you with the best suitable solution. We understand that concrete is a very dynamic medium which has ever changing characteristics. We provide you with unbiased advise on the most suitable solution, based on your requirement and our resources and expertise.


We will always select the most environmental friendly high performing products, packaging and working methods. Once the performance criteria are met, sustainability is the second priority. Even though some manufacturers or installers may make you believe, 100% sustainable products may not meet your performance criteria.

We have taken steps to reduce waste by buying in bulk, buy local, re-use packaging and consumables while most other contractors throw it away.

We care about our environment. This starts with our company vehicles which are either Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered. CNG is one of the cleanest burning fuels, and helps improve the quality of air. When natural gas burns completely, it gives out carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Our other vehicle is equipped with the latest version of BlueTEC Diesel engine which equipped with advanced NOx reducing technology for vehicle emissions control in diesel-powered vehicles. Besides being extremely clean, this vehicle also gets up to 24MPG for further reduce air pollution.